The following topics are presentations that have been or will be conducted at conferences and seminars.

Navigating the Information Wars

From the days of the Roman Empire and earlier, false and misleading information is not new to our world. Now the internet and social media provide an avenue of information distribution only longed for by the profiteering racketeers of the past and are being used with reckless abandon for many of the same reasons today. In this session, we will explore an ever-changing environment where the truth is what is advertised and not always based on objective reality. We will use strategies for honing critical-thinking skills and how to apply them to online information.

Escaping the Echo Chamber

We utilize social media in circles of like-minded family and friends, locking us into perpetual tribalism. These circles tangibly damage our ability to understand the complex world of information. We’ll show you how to help learners escape the echo chamber by developing critical-thinking skills and recognizing how information can be manipulated.

Unlocking Students’ Super Powers with an Accessible Classroom

Participants will become “teaching super heroes” with free technological tools and instructional strategies that empower all students to learn. We will explore accessibility options for writing, reading, translation, closed-captioning, visual assistance, and more.